Body-Mind-Soul Acupuncture is a powerful natural therapy which is based on the fact that untransformed emotions can manifest themselves within the body. To restore harmony and balance to your body and your life we need to look at the patient’s whole system. Environmental, emotional and physical.

To help you on your path, i break down complex theories from different alternative healing systems into digestible chunks for use in your daily life. I listen to you with compassion and offer practical information and encouragement to feel healthy, vital, joyful and free.

We begin to uncover the root of your problem, using traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic diagnosis systems as well as modern interpretations of the pathogenic relationship between your body and your sub-conscious.

We look at the connection between how you are living and how you are feeling. Going beyond just masking symptoms, understanding their message so they don’t come back.

Emotion has its root in the unconscious, its manifestation on a physical level can lead to energy blockages resulting in serious diseases.

A blockage is actually much like an uninvited guest, waiting to be discovered. It has a guilty conscience. Once brought to light it will leave. We enter a state of knowledge and awareness.

Mindfulness in action.

From here I help you to move your body and your life to a natural state of wellness with an acupuncture balance treatment which will harmonize your meridians or nadis (energy-pathways), your organs and psyche. Having established stability we are then able to focus successfully on the treatment of your local symptoms.

The original cause is gone therefore nothing will block the healing process. Your body’s own healing powers become activated and are able to do their task undisturbed.

Now other techniques like Gua Sha Treatments (traditional East Asian healing technique where the body surface is press-stroked with a smooth-edged Jade Stone) or Cupping (ancient alternative medicine method to remove toxins and mobilize blood flow through suction) will also be applied if useful.

Natural remedies and Ayurvedic (traditional Indian science of life) diet suggestions according to your constitution will complete the therapy.

And don’t let the thought of a needle scare you. The disposable needles I use are extremely delicate and thin, you will barely feel them. If you want to avoid the needles altogether acupressure techniques can be helpful instead.
Everybody is different, so is every treatment.

The first general session will incorporate initial assessment which will include patient history, introduction to acupuncture and a Meridian Balancing Treatment and will take from 90 min up to 2-3 hours.

Specific symptom treatments or follow up treatments will take between 30 to 90 minutes according to constitution.
However, the needles will remain in your body for a maximum of 20 minutes.