Sessions with Alexandra are truly Mindfulness in Action. She has the gift of intuition and insight, and showed commitment and compassion to support me in a life-changing transformational process. Gratitude all the way.   Sasha Mayer


The Yoga and Acupuncture Retreat was a week well spent tapping into the earth’s vibrations, connecting with one another and ourselves. We are ever grateful to Alexandra DenKinger (@acupuncturegoa), who was the ideal stimulus to guide the retreat towards achieving higher levels of well being, through Yoga and Acupuncture. She reminded us that the world is full of magical things, igniting within us the spark to listen intuitively, cultivate inspiration and clear the fog of confusion.   Meghna Kyo Spaces


If you’re in Goa, Alexandra is seriously one of the best…can’t thank this wonderful woman enough, for using her gifts to ease me through some of my toughest days ❤️   Anoushka Imo


#TheBest.  Sharon Atapattu-Tissiera


I have just had my second amazing experience with Alex.The first last year with a lower back pain that was both debilitating and painful with her knowledgeable and experienced treatment I was back to normal within 24 hours. This year my injury felt worse and I had to be at work a few hours later. With no chance to let the treatment take its course I felt I had maybe expected a little too much to think that the same would happen again. As if like magic a few hours after I finished work I felt my back gently piecing itself together again. By the following morning I managed to easily get myself out of bed and out to do some much needed shopping….. Its such a great feeling getting your health back again. It certainly puts things into perspective and makes you appreciate good health.
Thank you Alex are truly gifted. <3.  Nigel


If can go for just one yoga holiday this year let it be this one. One of the best collaborations in the yogisphere, with two of my favourite yogis coming together! Alexandra Denkinger brings with her the knowledge and experience of acupuncture medicine and skills as a life coach which only add to the magic of her yin yoga sessions. This is just one such occasion to experience yoga beyond the asana with her. A holistic spiritual adventure for all. Wish you a blissful one ladies!   Mitushi Tiwari


Best thing i have done for myself on the mat in a while! A beautiful Yin class and lovely space held by Alexandra Denkinger ! So much gratitude…here’s to a peaceful new moon***.  Victoria Bourke


My Yin Yoga session by Alexandra was simply exceptional. The class started with a warm welcome by Alex and 3 of her students followed by a brief description of Yin Yoga. She then instructed various postures to balance the water element inside the body. Being a beginner, I did struggle in some of the slightly difficult postures, but with her support, I was able to cruise through them successfully. Overall, it was a fantastic experience. I look forward to continuing my Yin Yoga practice.   Manil Gupta


Don’t think, just come! I highly recommend this Yin Yoga teacher training. My month spent with Alex and Parimukti was incredibly enriching. I have gained deep insight into the Daoist 5 Elements and Meridian energy flow in the body, and am now equipped with the teaching tools and confidence to take my students (and myself!) on a truly transformational journey.    Camilla Marsh