Want to learn a style of yoga that’s focused on bringing balance – physically, energetically and mentally? Deepen your knowledge about yoga with a focus on yin yoga and gain the Yoga Alliance Certificate to share it.

Yin yoga is simple, but not easy. Sometimes being still is the hardest of all asana. The stillness of the floor-based, long held static stretches (with relaxed muscles) create the space to practice mindfulness and cultivate awareness. We embrace our own physical limitations rather than trying to fight against them and work with the body just as it is, and that in and of itself is an amazing thing. We are practicing acceptance, surrendering to gravity, connecting our body to a Zen state of mind. While we are expanding our flexibility and rejuvenate our joints, we reveal and release deep layers of tension held within your fascia. The healing wisdom of the Daoist philosophy provides insight and guidance to get in touch with our body, mind, and soul. We get a unique opportunity to release emotional tension, free stagnant or blocked energy, and to cultivate a peaceful quality of mind.



In our 200hrs Yin Yoga Therapy Training you get to know all the basics of a classical yoga teachers training with the Parimukti Yoga School team (www.parimukti.com) and I will guide you through a journey through all the Daoist elements. You will learn all about the ancient wisdom of the main Acupuncture Meridians and Chi flow in the body. We will give you a deep insight in each element and the correlating acupuncture meridians and organs. Find out more about their subconscious value and the applied body acupressure points and Yin Yoga poses to help balance those.
We explain you ways to emotional healing and the releasing of energetic blockages in the poses. As we put our bodies in certain positions different meridian energy streams get stimulated and we activate our body’s own healing powers.
You will get to know more about additional tools and different meditation techniques to support this process. We offer you insight into the power of visualization and breath, Yoga Nidra, Mantras, Mudras and Chakras. There will be different meditations, acupuncture healing sessions and chanting circles.
To complete a basic understanding of yoga in all its variations we will look into the anatomy of the muscular and skeletal body, in the Ayurvedic Dosha system and share different aspects of yoga philosophy and foundations like the eight limbs and Patajalis yoga sutras. But besides all the theoretical information we will guide you to put this knowledge into action. There will be lots of practical teaching opportunities for every student and you will leave feeling confident to teach yin yoga yourself.
And last but not least in our Circles of Transformation we create a save space to connect and share. Together we open the gates to a long lasting transformation.



In this course (admission only after completion of min. 200hr basic yoga teacher training) we dive deep into the Daoist Elements and Meridians and learn all the essential aspects of practicing and teaching this contemplative method. The philosophical and energetic aspects of Yin Yoga can be a gateway to deep healing and offer resources of inspiration for your practice and your teaching.

This 50-hour course unfolds over two weeks (10 study days) with enough free leisure time to enjoy after an extensive day of yoga practice, lectures and posture studies. The teachings includes the foundations and principles of Yin, the physical benefits of the practice, the meditative possibilities and energetic effects from a Daoist / Oriental Medicine perspective. For an embodied experience of the theory behind the practice students will have the chance to teach in the second week. Focus here is to imply sequences according to the Daoist Elements, understanding their energetic value and the subtle art of creating the ideal environment for a transformational experience of body, mind and soul to take place.



On top of the 50hrs advanced Yin TTC from above you can add an intensive immersion in the art of Yoga Nidra and a Reiki Initiation to Level 1 & 2.

Learn all about Yoga Nidra’s background information. Study explanations of Yoga Nidra theory in both yogic and scientific terms.  Experience the effects and applications of Yoga Nidra in both Yogic and scientific terms, as well as an introduction to possible sequential arrangements and a in depth exploration of how to practically prepare Yoga Nidra scripts stepwise for various different applications.

You will receive a Reiki healing session and the Reiki 1 & 2 Initiation inclusive all theoretical background information, Reiki symbols, and how to use them. You will hands on explore how to give Reiki sessions to others (theory and real time practice) and how to perform Reiki distant healing (theory and real time practice).


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Content Yin Yoga Foundations:

History and People

The Basic Components

The Challenges

The Practice Principles


Yin Yoga Practice & Teaching:

25 classic yin poses + variations + additional poses for the upper body

Acupressure Points applied in the Pose

8-Points-Analysis Principle

Sequences for each Daoist Element

The Art of Teaching Yin

Embodied Practical Experience


Energetic Aspects of Yin Yoga:

The Concept of Yin & Yang and Chi

The Daoist Elements

Oriental Medicine Meridians & their Healing Wisdom

The Three Treasures – Jing, Chi and Shen

Dan Tien Breath


Yin Yoga and the Movement-Mechanics of the Body:

The Theory of Exercise – Maintaining and Improving Mobility

Everyone’s Unique Variation of the Structure of our Skeleton

Aesthetic vs. Functional Alignment

Compression vs. Tension


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“I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for the Yin Yoga  course. All I knew was that I loved the yin yoga classes I attended in Australia, and wanted to deepen my understanding and practice. The course surpassed my expectations, it was awesome. The teachers are deep with experience, knowledge and wisdom on yin yoga and how it relates to the body mind and soul. They expertly, clearly, and deeply cover the many elements of yin yoga, such as:
Asanas, the Meridian system, the Daoist 5 elements, the different organs of the body that the different Asanas effect. How to teach a class, and much more.
This information is repeated, gently again and again, to help our systems absorb the information.
The class itself is held in such an encouraging, warm, and supportive holding that overcomes any fears that may come up, and makes you feel that anything and everything is possible. The class was not only deeply informative, it was also fun, and the class I was with became very connected and supportive of each other. New, deep friendships were made. I can highly recommended this course to everyone.”    Vinito