The sun is shining, the weather is sweet… come along to our Goa Retreat

Invitation to a Wellness Week by the Sea

Conscious Warriors Retreat

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Held between 11 – 16 February 2019 on the sun-kissed sands of Ashvem Beach Goa, our week-long retreat is an invitation on journey inwards and to take a break. De-stress to look deep within and approach a fresh outlook on life through all angles – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic.

Let the ocean and nature nurture and nourish your being as we immerse in the themes of Letting Go, Manifestation and Walking Our Talk – through Yoga, Movement, Body and Breath Awareness, Meditation, Visualisation and Acupuncture Healing Circles. Make space for creativity, clarity and forward momentum.

Our retreat focus is on finding the force that lies within, lighting our flame and shining bright as the best versions of ourselves. To be a Conscious Warrior is to know when to power up and when to slow down. To fight for all we believe in while still respecting the rhythms of nature and following freely the ebb and flow of life. By stepping firmly into our self power, we’ll heal our soul to wholeness, gain a deeper understanding of our life journey and develop routines that support us along the way.


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All change starts with the self, but this is not where it ends. Awareness is the key to consciousness and as we learn to look deeper within, so will we sharpen our focus on the world around. Learning lessons in being a Conscious Consumer, shedding light on desire and attachment, the means to eat more mindfully, and how to develop and sustain consciousness in our increasingly globalized world.


The Experience

Let yourself being blissed out as your consciousness levels are rising at our peaceful piece of paradise. Each day we mindfully begin with meditation and a yoga flow from Kundalini, to Hatha or Yin.
In our mid-morning transformational healing circles we match intention with vibration as we fully embody our visualisations, and embed our manifestations deep into our subconscious depths. Our bodies are brought in alignment with our purpose for being, as we discover what inspires us and instills within an unchanging sense of serenity.


The Venue

Set amidst the lush surrounds of Anahata Retreat, with palms above and waves at feet, feel into the sandy soled comfort of barefoot luxury.

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As a retreat guest you’ll take rest in an luxurious artisanal eco-cottage designed by local carpenters from recycled wood and natural materials. With the sound of the ocean only a few feet away and the full splendour of the purest Indian cotton, each night you’ll find yourself lulled into a sweet tropical slumber.

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The Hosts

This wellness week is hosted by Kyo Spaces and will be led by
Alexandra Denkinger M.D. Acu and Viriam Kaur.

Alex is a trained Acupuncturist, Yin Yoga expert and Body-Mind-Soul Healer. Imbuing a gentle approach with the strength of wisdom, her passion is to empower people on their journeys, to live an authentic and healthy life. In her soul-searching practice she integrates the ancient wisdom of the acupuncture meridian energy with breath-work and mindfulness techniques.

Viriam is a highly qualified and experienced Kundalini Yoga Senior Teacher. While predominantly based in Goa, the last 15 years has seen her teaching Yoga, Meditation and Awareness Practices around the world. Viriam uses the divine powers of breath, sound, yoga nidra and her own form of Chakra Healing to soothe the nervous system and stretch the soul. Her intuitive wisdom and down-to-earth spirituality encourages present moment awareness and ever lasting change.

From single seed of creation- the love for connecting people to meaningful spaces – Kyo Spaces was born. Kyo Spaces is on a soulful mission to raise the vibration of community living. Specialising in the synthesis of safe spaces, co-working and co-living areas, and the intersection of learning, healing and wellness retreats, Kyo Spaces is the perfect partner for our Conscious Warrior Retreat.

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Next coming up …

Sri Lanka is the new darling on the world’s top travel destinations map. Unspoilt and undiscovered, this tear-drop island is a treasure cove of culture and natural beauty. Offering a world class yoga and wellness scene, we’re proud to announce our next summer destination for a





Her coastlines will astound you and her mountains mezmerize you as her lush, wild jungles welcome you in to lose yourself and find your soul.

From the exotic location to the yoga, holistic healing and nutrition, to peace and rejuvenation – we’ve got your sandy-soled inner journey to selfgrowth covered. Contact us to book your spot at our upcoming events in Sri Lanka.


Yoga for the Soul
Natural Acupuncture
Emotional & Energetic Healing
Mindfulness Workshops & Retreats
Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings

…. because making healthy choices is a form of self-respect.

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Join our Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings in Goa

“Our goal in life is not to become perfect: our goal is to become whole.”

― Bernie Clark, The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga


As the sun sets the moon rises, winds ripple across the waves, weathered leaves fall and new life springs forth. All of nature is at once in flux and yet in harmony. There is a natural rhythm to all of creation and it is this unchanging beat that breathes life into our bodies.


Yin Yoga is about embodying this balance. Within mindfulness of the present moment we learn to embrace change, surrender to the unkown,and yet remain still and at peace within our own centre.


From November 2018 – April 2019, Parimukti and The Body Mind Soul Centre are offering 200 hour and 50 hour Yin Yoga teacher trainings in Arambol, Goa. This is the only 200 hour Yin training in India!


Whether you’re already a qualified teacher or eager to attend your very first training, this is your chance to add an excellent accreditation to your repertoire.


Combining elements of Daosim, Oriental Medicine and Mindfulness with traditional Yoga Philosophy and Anatomy, our knowledgeable teachers offer intrigue and insight into both the Yin and Yang side of yoga.


What can I expect?

A typical day will begin with an energizing yang asana practice to warm up the body and mind. A breakfast break of healthy veggie delights and a cuppa chai will gear you up for a day of practical and theory classes. You’ll learn about Daosim and its 5 Elements, acupuncture pressure points and the flow of energy through the body’s meridians. You’ll understand the emergence of Yin Yoga and how it differs from traditional schools, and practice each of the asanas and adaptations extensively to complement your confidence and create your own teaching style.


As Yin Yoga is all about balance, you’ll also gain an in-depth knowledge of traditional Yoga Foundations and Philosophy, entering into enlightening discussions about Patanjali’s 8 Limbs and the Chakra systems. You may start to wonder if this a yoga school or infact a school of life as you start to question long held beliefs and take on beautiful new ways of thinking and being.


As yet another stunning sunset lights up the Arambol ocean line, you’ll be treated to a variety of workshop style classes from heart meditations to Yoga Nidra and even an acupuncture healing circle.


What else do I need to know?

Each Saturday afternoon and Sunday you’ll be free to roam the buzzing beachside and many markets of Arambol. Season here is a colourful affair of eclectic travellers and mesmerizing musicians tucked into cafe corners as they share their talents and weave tales of love and oneness.


After your time here you’ll come away not only with a yoga qualification, but with a whole new insight on how to live life in harmony with yourself, with nature and with others. If this isn’t convincing enough then you may need to just come see for yourself!


For more information check out our website, or get in touch with me directly.




“My Yin Yoga session by Alexandra was simply exceptional. The class started with a warm welcome by Alex and 3 of her students followed by a brief description of Yin Yoga. She then instructed various postures to balance the water element inside the body. Being a beginner, I did struggle in some of the slightly difficult postures, but with her support, I was able to cruise through them successfully. Overall, it was a fantastic experience. I look forward to continuing my Yin Yoga practice.” – Manil Gupta, Mumbai Maharashtra

Quantum Medicine & Energy Healing

Chances are that if you are reading this, you have come across energy medicine and may even have experienced it. Energy medicine or therapy, energy healing, quantum healing or quantum medicine, or even spiritual healing are branches of alternative medicine, based on the belief that one can channel energy with positive effective results on the body.
There’s no question that the energy healers have many satisfied customers. And there’s no question that the energy healers believe they are bringing about healing by manipulating some sort of life force, Prana or Qi. However, the only evidence of this life force is that it has become an integral part of various metaphysical theories used to explain what is going on in these healing experiences. Some of the theories are rather simple, like the Chinese theory of Qi running along meridians and occasionally getting blocked or clogged, thereby causing illness and disease. Some are rather elaborate and innovative, they involve bio-fields, astral bodies or vibrating atomic particles.
In my practice as an energy healer, I’m often met with curiosity and fascination, but mostly a fair bit of skepticism when I tell people what I do for a living. There are many non-believers who try to reason with me about it. And honestly, I agree, there is no empirical proof or physical evidence for energy healing, yet.
This is what I tell them:
Imagine you talk to someone who is color blind. Now try to explain green. I am not even going to mention purple, pink or gold. For someone who doesn’t know colors, all possible explanations of green must be sounding pretty outrageous.
Or take infrared light. Our already stunning world would burst with vibrant color. Though the human eye cannot perceive ultraviolet light, we know that it inextricably shapes our world. For example, ultraviolet is proven to be fundamental to the navigation of insects and birds.
In the same way, energy exists on a spectrum, and part of that spectrum cannot be perceived with regular human senses and abilities, nor can it be measured with current devices. This is subtle energy, and it is the foundation of all energy healing techniques.
So, even if you can’t imagine it – give it a chance of doubt.
Remember once upon a time everyone was certain they will fall down once they have reached the horizon. Today we fly across the boundaries of our horizon to the other side of the planet. And we use pocket sized devices with which we are able to see and talk to anyone anywhere. Flying across the world? Transmitting conversations? If you went around with these stories a hundred years ago – you surely would have been laughed at.
The Italian genius Galileo Galilei didn’t have even that much luck. He ended up in jail, sentenced to death. According to popular legend, after recanting his theory that the Earth moved around the Sun, Galileo allegedly muttered the at the time of his death, the rebellious phrase “And yet it moves”.  As we now know he was right. We all acknowledge it as a fact. But has any of you felt the Earth rotate? Or seen it go around the Sun? Yet, we believe it. Only because scientific evidence proves it. In a hundred years from now, who knows what has been proven as fact. We may develop different perception levels and be living lives we can’t even imagine at the moment.
So for now, just give it the chance of doubt.
In my personal experience i started with a talk therapy, and though it helped me identify where I needed to heal, it didn’t necessarily show me how to do so. It was not until I met an energy healer that my true internal transformation occurred. Working with an energy healer ignited a spark within me and ultimately inspired me to become a practitioner myself.
Energy healing is a holistic practice of many different forms that activate the body’s subtle energy systems to reconnect to the body’s inherent ability to heal itself.
Allowing ourselves to believe in energy healing and quantum medicine can be an opening to our deepest healing, a doorway to the next stage of the evolution of your consciousness. We create our own reality and what we truly believe in will manifest itself.
Here we are reaching into the sphere of healing the body and mind at a quantum level. That means from a level which is not manifested at a sensory level. Beyond the physical. Our bodies ultimately are fields of information, intelligence and energy. Energy healing involves a shift in the fields of energy information so as to bring about a correction, from a pattern which doesn’t support our wellbeing. It involves healing one mode of consciousness, our mind, to bring about changes in another mode of consciousness, our body.
In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”   – Nobel Prize winner Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
Eventually, and this is true with any energy therapy, nobody else heals you, it is only when you allow yourself the healing does take place. You simply reconnect with that sacred place in yourself that was never sick, traumatised, never broken, never damaged in the first place; your true Self, absolute and ever present, innocent and free. It is not a destination; it is you, alive and awake in the moment. It is always there.
Sometimes we need a little help from a friend to remind us, to give us some direction find the path, to recognize we are the manifestation of pure life energy and therefore we are have the ability to create our own reality. And this guidance can come from a Reiki healer or a yoga teacher or your own meditation practice. It can be found on a walk on the beach or in your Acupuncture clinic. Energy flows where attention goes. Your very own healer – whether a person or a practice or an activity you immerse in – will appear once you start looking.

Kneel at the altar of not knowing. Let the universe handle the details. Once you have released your intentions into the fertile ground of pure potential they will bloom when the season is right.

Breathe in – sign up – chill out 😉

Forest Retreat

Do you need a need a break and want to feel better? We want to help.
You want to feel vital, energized, joyful? You want to live a life that feels deeply meaningful and in alignment with your self?
You’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to empower you to live the most authentic, healthy life possible.
You understand that there is a connection between how you are living and how you are feeling. You want to go beyond just masking symptoms – you want to listen to their message so they don’t come back.
In our years of practice we have seen that the people who are willing to move differently, breathe differently, eIMG-20171121-WA0000 1at differently, interpret life differently and make time for self-care are the people who really end up feeling dramatically different: healthy, confident, joyful and free.
During this retreat we will break down complex theories from traditional oriental medicine systems, yoga and other holistic ideas into digestible chunks for use in your daily life. We offer practical information, compassion, humor, encouragement and tips on how to follow through.
You want to work with people who will see you as a whole person, who will listen to you and encourage you to make changes required?
Mihir Jogh will guide us through a sequence of Iyengar inspired Yoga. His presence and support will help to move into new directions and dimensions.
In our Body-Mind-Soul Acupuncture Group treatments with Alexandra DenKinger M.D.(Acu) the focus is on how root imbalances affect the whole system. We balance the flow of energy in our body and strengthen our life force by inserting fine sterile needles into very few strategically selected points in our body, suitable for everyone. The aim is to reactivate our bodies instinct and intuition, connecting us again to our body’s innate wisdom of self-healing. This puts us in touch with the many things that can influence our physical and emotional health.
And don’t fear the needle. An acupuncture needle is made out of clinical stainless steel and is about as thick as a human hair. You barley can feel the impact but it creates a positive stimulation to your body’s `feeling and healing` receptors. But if you do mind the needle, we are happy to use acupressure techniques instead.
We utilize the Power of Visualization and Breath to manifest our healing process.
By practicing Mindfulness Principles we come to stillness and presence. This gives us the chance to listen to our body closely, allowing that body-mind-soul connection to take place. It makes us more self aware.
Through a Moxa-Cleansing Ceremony we clear out our past and let go to make way free for long lasting transformation.
It is so important to dedicate time, space and energy to our very own evolution. What a wonderful thing to do, to take time out to offer ourselves healing and self rejuvenating.
If that sounds good to you join the growing tribe of body-mind-soul biohackers.
Breathe in – sign up – chill out  😉
Forest Retreat – South Goa – 21st to 27th Jan 2018 –

Getting Zen with Yin and Surfing

In Acupuncture the concept of YIN and YANG is an understanding of how the world functions. Nothing is absolute and there are always two sides – duality: light and dark, male and female, hard and soft. And in between the extremes of the Yin and the Yang, we find contentment, a state of bliss. The Buddhists call this “the middle way.” I call it balance.

As a long time yoga practitioner in surf places, I always find surfer bodies easy to look at, but hard to bend. Of the few surfers that actually make it to a yoga class, many can’t touch their toes. Of course this isn’t true of everyone, but I see it quite often.

When we are riding a wave, we are physically riding energy, the memory of wind that’s pulsing between water molecules. We become part of the wave, we are inside of that vortex of spiraling energy.

Surfing is a “YANG” form of exercise, full of movement, rhythm and repetition.21753074_1850134968347832_7207879340385818364_o Through this movement our muscles expand and contract, growing stronger. But by this we are also limiting our bodies, we tend to lose our natural softness, becoming more inflexible and increasingly tight. With all the paddling and repetitive take offs on a fun surf day, we need the “YIN” in order to keep the flexibility and longevity in our bodies. Yin Yoga can restore this balance and be the soothing balm to heal and rejuvenate.

So … if surfing is your “YANG”, let yoga be your “YIN”. The combination of Surfing with Yin Yoga gives us the balance our bodies need to experience optimum health and happiness.

One way to think of balance is this: a total state of health that incorporates togetherness of body and mind.  To be balanced is a way of being and a state of mind.

If you enter the world of Yin, I promise you will be surfing not only longer, but better. You can heal injuries from the past and prevent them in the future.

The Tao to a long active life is by getting Zen with Yin.

You are welcome to join Natasha Mahindra and me for our next Soul & Surf Retreat ☆  16th – 22nd October 2017  ☆ Anam Cara Yoga Retreats ☆ Hideaway Resort, Arugam Bay

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Because we #LoveNatureAdventures

Since quite some years I feel lucky to be able to get away from the rainy monsoon in Goa to Sri Lankas East Cost. Thanks the micro-climate of this island the East Coast has a sunny summer season while everywhere else in South East Asia it is mostly grey, stormy and very wet.

So, doing what I do I found a fabulous summer residency for my acupuncture practice in the wellness area of Hideaway Resorts in Arugam Bay.

Arugam Bay happens to have a world famous surf break which naturally resulted in me treating a lot of surf injuries and so getting in touch with a lot of people with enormous passion for surfing. Now I think no one who stays there long enough has a chance to get away without having tried surfing. Surrendering to this destiny here I am discovering my surfing abilities and in the process just realizing how well it just clicks in with my love for yin yoga.


Surf & Soul

Now I take the chance to combine all these thing very dear to me and invite to my favorite getaway.

Between all the surfing and yoga join us for a safari to see the stunning nature of the East Coast with it’s wild life. Come with us to discover the area on a bicycle ride along the coast, see a sunrise from an ancient monastery, experience a Sri Lankan cooking class and pamper yourself with some more delicious food, spend some days enjoying a massage or dive into a body-mind-soul acupuncture session.


This is an adventure of a lifetime for you if you like to cultivate your free spirit and open mind, try new things and take chances.

If you have a love for adventure and a deep respect for life and nature combined with an uncompromised sense of integrity for your personal evolution this is for you!


…    Come with me to my Secret Hideaway    …

Sri Lankas East Coast is calling for some Soul Searching and Nature Adventures, Yin Yoga, Surfing Lessons and so much more.

An invitation to join Natasha Mahindra and me for an adventure  ~ 16th – 22nd October 2017  ~ Anam Cara Yoga Retreats  ~ Hideaway Resort, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

The Unveiling of the Soul

Cosmic Soul Technology

Recently I got a chance to explore the world of Vedic Astrology with Kanika, Vedic Expert and Sacred Geometry Artist.

Which for me is a rather funny thing to do. Even though you might think as an Acupuncturist I work with “energy flow” in the body I am actually a very no-nonsense, down to facts kinda person.

Ask me about astrology and I will tell you to step up and take responsibility of your life yourself.

But I have to confess indeed it was a very exciting and revealing occasion.

kanikaKanika is practising this very in-depth ancient Indian science with vast knowledge and wise manner. With an excellent intuition, she is explaining planetary motions and positions with respect to time and their resulting effect on a person and the world.

The outcome was an astonishing precise inner view of my character, ambitions, talents and strengths and some hints on how to enhance other areas of my life.

She also showed me how to recognise possibly difficult constellations and the remedial measures according to my constitution whilst proceeding in life full of confidence, knowledge and focus towards the positive.

If ever in doubt I can see now how a reading with her can help to find answers, plan life and live in harmony. Gently she offers guidance towards making a deeper commitment in finding a mission and purpose and shares the soul technology needed to express our unique gifts as we move towards greatness.

Curious? You can connect with Kanika Tripathi in Goa at the moment ( or catch her anytime on Skype (Shivaputri9).

Yin Yoga & Surfing



One of my latest passion is surfing. I love it. Quite a difference to all the mindfulness practices I am otherwise engaged with.

But then, I see a lot of similarities. Going with the flow, being connected to the ocean. In tune with the elements and your body.

In Yin Yoga we play our sensations in the same manner, each time awaiting a new invitation. We ride the edges of our poses with a gentle flowing breath, like a surfer is riding the waves of the ocean. The surfer doesn’t fight against the ocean, she goes with it. Fighting the ocean is a silly thing to do.

Ultimately Surfing is Zen ♡

Here all gratitude to Edy (Octopus Surf) – Zen Surfer / most patient teacher of all times!


Conscious Warriors

Join us on a day-long journey to cultivate our inner strength and courage. Get energized and inspired to face the many challanges a modern lifestyle throws at us.

Viriam Kaur will guide us through Kundalini Yoga techniques to activate our inner strength to reach deep within and reconnect with the essence of our being.

In a powerful Group Acupuncture Session with Alexandra DenKinger we activate our Meridian points on the body at which the body’s life force or vital energy (Prana or Qi) gathers – here can be an opening to your deepest healing, a doorway to energize and rejuvenate our body and soul.

After a lunch break Lucy Hill will inspire us to Mindful Eating and Jill Ferguson will share thoughts on how to be a Conscious Consumer.

For a blissful closure Julien Moretto will accompany our Meditation with a live Violin Concert.

Making healthy choices is a form of self respect.

As an acupuncturist, my work in your healing process is to properly place needles into specific points in your body that will activate your body’s own healing powers.

The power of acupuncture comes from a system of thought, not from the needles. The needles are the tools through which a powerful system of thought is expressed.

Ultimately it is you who is doing the work!

The body is dynamic, vibrant, and interconnected. Every muscle, bone and organ needs the entire body in order to thrive. And it needs the cooperation of a healthy mind with emotions transformed appropriately. This is the principal on which Body-Mind-Soul Acupuncture is based.

Our body is incredibly intuitive and usually it lets us know what it needs. However, we are often too disconnected or distracted, not listening to the warning sings.

One of my favourite aspects to Acupuncture and Yin Yoga is taking the time to reconnect with our bodies.

It forces stillness and presence.

It makes us listen to our body closely.

It allows for the body-mind-soul reconnection to take place.

It allows us to feel our own energy, and it reactivates our body’s wisdom of self-healing.

Health begins in body, deepens to emotional stability, then leads to intellectual clarity, wisdom, and, finally, the unveiling of the soul.

Making healthy choices is a form of self respect. What a wonderful thing to do!

Welcome back to the body. Welcome back to be whole.

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